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Ullersdorfer Werke was established in 1870s in German Nieder Ullersdorf (now Polish Mirostowice Dolne). The firm was registered in January 5, 1877. There are some sources dating it back to 1873. The factory produced construction ceramics, ceramic elements for fountains, fireplaces, portals and monuments. Their catalogues also included bathroom ceramics, tiles, wall cladding, terracotta and clinker.
In 1895 the factory was awarded a gold medal at exhibition in Lubeck. In 1896 it became a joint-stock company (Ullersdorfer Werke AG). In 1933 majority of shares was taken over by Siegersdorfer Werke.

The factory was almost completely demolished as a result of war. Furthermore, other valuable pieces of factory equipment were looted by Soviets. It became a Polish territory. In 1947 a few people started to work on restoring production. After two years in June 1948 production started. In 1949 the factory was oficially nationalized. They produced mostly bricks and clinker.

Only in 1963 Polish authorities managed to run the Kerabedarf tunnel kiln damaged in 1945. Mirostowickie Zakłady Ceramiczne (Mirostowice Ceramic Plant) started in 1965 to produce semi-vitrous porcelain tableware. Production was growing till 1989 when fall of communism caused tough economnic reforms. Falling demand resulted in financial problems. The plant was finally liquidated in 1996.

Mirostowice mark

Inciced mark of Mirostowice Ceramic Factory used from ca. mid-1960s.

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