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Königszelt porcelain factory was established in 1860 as Porzellanfabrik Silber & Comp. This specific location was chosen because of local rich clay and coal deposits. First owner was a master bricklayer Traugott Silber.

The Königszelt factory products swiftly gained popularity. Their speciality were Zwiebelmuster and Strohblumen patterns. In 1872 the factory was bought by August Rappsilber and C. Heckmann (Porzellanfabrik Heckmann & Rappsilber). In 1878 Rappsilber became the only owner of the factory (Porzellanfabrik August Rappsilber OHG). He ratired in 1886. Thanks to high profitability he had no problems to sell it.

Dr. Gustav Strupp continued to run the company as Porzellanfabrik Königszelt AG. Since 1905 majority shareholder was Lorenz Hutschenreuther AG located in German Selb. The new investor decided to increase production and concentrate on quality export tableware.

After the WWII Königszelt became a Polish city named Jaworzyna Śląska. The factory was nationalized and continued production as Państwowa Fabryka Porcelany Jaworzyna Śląska (State Porcelain Factory Jaworzyna Slaska) and since 1952 Zakłady Porcelany Stołowej KAROLINA Sp. z o.o. (Tableware Porcelain Factory KAROLINA Ltd.). In 1990s the company was privatized.

Karolina 1957 mark

The mark of the Tableware Porcelain Factory Karolina (not Jarlina) mark used since 1957. 



Königszelt PK Silesia mark

1914 - 1922 PK Silesia Königszelt.

Koenigzselt AR mark

1880 - 1886 Koenigzselt AR mark.

Koenigszelt Germany mark

Koenigszelt Germany 1930 - 1945 mark.

Koenigszelt Silesia mark

1922 - 1930 Koenigszelt Silesia mark.

PK Silesia mark

1914 - 1918 Koenigszelt PK Silesia mark.

Koenigszelt PK Silesia mark

Green Koenigszelt 1914 - 1922 PK Silesia mark.

Bareuther Koenigszelt mark

Mark used from 1979 by the Porzellanfabrik Bareuther.

1942 Koenigszelt mark

1942 Koenigszelt mark.

Koenigszelt mark

Koenigszelt 1945 - 1954 mark.

Koenigszelt Poland mark

Koenigszelt Made in Poland 1945 - 1957 mark

A.R. mark

A.R. Koenigszelt 1877 - 1886 impressed mark

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