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The Boch manufacture was established in Belgian La Louvière by Jean-François Boch, one of main owners of another known company, Villeroy & Boch. The direction of Boch Freres SNC was in 1844 taken by Victor Boch. Production could be started immediately thanks to other Boch family ceramic businesses that sold Victor ready-to-use copperplates. 

This faience manufacture developed very fast. In 1847 the company won a gold medal at the exhibition of the Belgian industry. In 1855 they already employeed 300 workers in La Louvière (Keramis) and 100 in Tournai (Boch Freres) factory. Around 1860 the production of polychrome pieces was started. In 1904 the first in Europe tunnel kiln was launched.

Problems started in 1970s. The company went bankrupt in 1985 and was reactivated as Novoboch and MRL Boch. In 2015 was started Keramis Center, just two rooms showing Royal Boch history.

One of the most important designers for Boch Frères Keramis was Charles Catteau. He was French but in 1906 moved to La Louvière. Patterns designed by Catteau were created in following years:


Pattern number Year created
 D001 - D599  1920 or earlier
 D600 - D669  1921
 D670 - D699  1922
 D700 - D819  1923
 D820 - D899  1924
 D900 - D1029  1925
 D1030 - D1099  1926
 D1100 - D1199  1927
 D1200 - D1299  1928
 D1300 - D1399  1929
 D1400 - D1549  1930
 D1550 - D1699  1931
 D1700 - D1849  1932
 D1850 - D1909  1933
 D1910 - D1929  1934
 D1930 - D1969  1935
 D1970 - D2099  1936
 D2100 - D2499  1937 - 1939
 > D2500  1940 or later






Boch La Louviere mark
Boch La Louviere Made in Belgium Fabrication Belge D. 1651 mark used in 1931
Boch Freres mark
Made in Belgium Boch la Louviere Fabrication Belge 1920s mark
Keramis mark
Keramis art deco period mark registered in 1927
BFK mark
House of painters BFK monogram mark ca. 1920s - 1930s. Usually with additional letter being mark of a painter
Keramis mark
Keramis mark used before 1920
BFK mark
1880 - 1920 BFK Boch Freres mark
Keramis mark
Keramis Made in Belgium mark registered in 1927
Boch incised mark
Boch Freres Keramis incised ca. 1850 - 1880 mark
Canton mark
Boch Freres Canton pattern mark ca. 1850 - 1880
B.F.K. mark
B.F.K. Boch Freres 1880 - 1920 mark
Keralux mark
Keralux Boch Freres Belgium 1950 - 1970 mark
Boch Freres mark
Boch Freres Keramis 1845 - 1860 mark
Keramis B.F. mark
Keramis B.F. ca. 1890s mark
Dauphin B.F.K. mark
Dauphin B.F.K. mark used at the end of the 19th century
Boch Belgium mark
Boch Belgium Keramis La Louviere 1978 - 1982 mark
Boch Freres mark
Boch Freres Keramis Medaille D'or 1847 used ca. 1847 - 1880
Manufacture Royale mark
Manufacture Royale BOCH La Louviere Belgium 1982 - 1985 mark
Boch Delfts mark
Made for Royal Sphinx by Boch Delfts 1969 - 1979 mark
MRL mark
MRL Manufacture Royale de la Louviere Boch - Belgium 1985 - 1990 mark
Royal Boch mark
Royal Boch since 1841 mark used since 1990
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