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Sitzendorfer Porzellanmanufaktur Wilhelm Liebmann was established in 1850. Most of the manufactory was demolished in 1858 in a blast. it was rebuild by Liebmann with a help of his business partner Wilhelm Oertel.

In 1884 the factory was bought by Alfred and Carl Wilhelm Voigt. In 1890 Unterweißbach subsidiary was opened. In 1896 the business was turned into a limited stock company.

Financial problems because of the WWI and later World Financial Crisis forced the factory to close the Unterweißbach branch in 1928. Four years later the financial situation improved thanks to efforts of Reinhold Rebhan and Max Krauße. New owners named the factory Sitzendorfer Porzellanmanufaktur A.G.

During the WWII the factory production was concentrated on war-related items. In 1958 East Germany government started to influence the factory management. In 1972 it was nationalized.

In 1990 the Sitzendorf factory was privatized. In 2012 production was completely stopped.


Sitzendorf S mark
Sitzendorf S crown mark used from 1918.
S Germany mark
S crown Germany 1918 - 1920 mark.
Sitzendorf green mark
Crown S Sitzendorf green 1916 - 1954 mark.
Crossed lines mark
Crossed lines Sitzendorf 1884 - 1902 mark.
Impressed S mark
Impressed Sitzendorf mark used from 1918.
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