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Allach porcelain was established in a small town of Allach situated near Munich. The factory was active just a few years in the period 1936 - 1945. The firm was closely associated with the Third Reich and directly controlled by the most powerful organizations in Nazi Germany, SS.

The Porzellan Manufaktur Allach is a factory, where Heinrich Himmler summoned the best porcelain artists in Germany.

The Allach manufactory produced very limited series of the highest quality porcelain pieces.

Allach incised mark
SS Allach incised 1936 - 1945 mark.
Allach octagonal mark
Allach SS incised mark octagonal border 1936 - 1945.
Bohemia Allach mark
1938 - 1945 Allach SS mark used on items produced at the 'Bohemia' Keramische Werke A.G. (Nová Role).
Allach mark
1936 - 1945 Allach china mark.
SS Allach mark
SS Allach 1936 - 1945 mark.
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